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Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm PST
vaccinated before heading to new york. what's happening on the east coast that has people worried here. ,, ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. just announced a new recommendation for the meningitis vaccine. th people travelin >>> public health officials in san francisco have just announced a new recommendation for the meningitis vaccine. in fact they are asking certainly people traveling to new york to consider getting vaccinated first. dr. kim mulvihill has the story. >>> reporter: just in time for the holidays, a public health advisory in new york city. an increase of serious me ming cockell disease. >> gay men who have met men online they are requesting that those men receive vaccine in new york city. >> reporter: while there is no outbreak of meningitis in san francisco, public health officials want people to be aware because there's so much travel between the two cities. >> if gay men are planning to travel to new
Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
picture coming up at 5:30 on the cbs evening news. >>> in other news, in upstate new york, police say that that man who killed two firefighters left behind a note detailing his intentions. they found another body which could be the gunman's missing sister. the killer used the same weapon as the gunman in thenewtown school shooting. >> reporter: snow-covered flowers sit in a make shift memorial for two firefighters shot and killed in the job. ex-con william spangler shot down two firefight israel before taking his own life. he left a note. >> the note does not explain why he wanted to kill. >> we are being shot at. multiple fires in town. multiple fires shot. >> reporter: he had three guns, including a bushmaster 323, the same kind of weapon used in the connecticut school shooting. four people were killed, two died. seven homes across the water behind me were lost in the fire. investigators searching the crime scenes are looking for any clues why the gunman did that. he had a violent past. he spent 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother with a hammer. he got out in 1998 and mov
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
more news after a break. >> thank you, brian. >>> in new york, hundreds are kissing their bad memories from 2012 good-bye. people are getting rid of everything from bad tax returns to pictures of old lovers in new york's sixth annual good riddance day. a giant shredder along with a rubber mallet and dumpster is set up in times square so people can usher in a fresh start to the new year. >>> and we are approaching that time of year again. the time when lots of us make promises to do better next year. well, exercising not surprising is one of the most popular new year's resolutions. research shows more than 100 million americans say they will change their behavior every january. but only a third succeed. you heard it before. but worth saying again. one of the things that can help is setting realistic goals. >> i need to lose 30 pounds. but i'm going to give myself a year to do that. and i'm going to work, you know, two pounds a month, which is moderate to average and totally attainable. >> also important to reward accomplishments but not with bad food. keeping a log to keep you honest i
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
new york funerals are scheduled for the two volunteer firefighters shot and killed while responding to a fire on christmas eve. michael chiaperrini will be buried on sunday and 19-year- old stephen firefighter will be buried monday. two other firefighters survived the shooting. candles and teddy bears and cards for those killed at sandy hook elementary will be used to build a permanent memorial. for now the mementos will stay up until after the new year so people can pay respect for the people killed. then the items will be gathered for the memorial. >>> a nationwide shortage of cancer drugs is putting the life of children of risk. dr. kim mulvihill explains how the substitute drugs are not preventing relapse. >> reporter: three years ago, abby was diagnosed with hodgkin's' lymphoma a curable cancer of the immune system. >> it was harder on my parents. >> reporter: then 10, abby started chemotherapy and was doing well but then one of her drugs became unavailable due to a shortage. she was switched to another drug which was considered a safe and effective alternative. >>> we let them
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
the president and from congress. it should be at the top of their agenda. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg also pushing for tougher national gun regulations. the mayor was surrounded today by dozens of people whose lived have been affected by gun violence. >>> and california could provide a reality check when it comes to a bitter fight over gun control laws. cbs 5 reporter grace lee tells us the state has its own history of gun tragedies, new laws and loopholes. grace. >> reporter: that's right. we may have some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. senator leland yee says we're not going far enough. his bill to add gun control actually failed last year. this time around, he is facing power gun rights lobbyists but says he is not afraid of a tough fight. 23 years ago the cleveland elementary school shooting left five kids dead and 29 wounded. it's now known as the stockton massacre. and it led to an outright ban on assault weapons in california. we though it couldn't get any worse. >> the connecticut shooting is a wake-up call for america. >> reporter: until now, with 20 childre
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm PST
from new york to los angeles asked for an outright ban on assault weapons. >> it's clear that gun is not for the streets. it's not for sports. it's really a gun of war. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and oakland mayor jean quan agree with the federal assault weapons ban that's already in place in california. the two cities just had their largest gun buy-back event taking 600 firearms off the streets. >> but the reality is we can buy back hundreds but if we can't stop the flow into nevada and increasingly now for the internet and other sources, this is where we really need and that's why you see the mayors across the country trying to put pressure on the federal government. >> reporter: but will public sentiment last long enough to fight strong lobbying groups like the nra? san jose mayor chuck reed weighed in. >> i think people have a right to not necessarily use assault weapons anytime anywhere they want and i think within the limits of the constitution, there are things we can do and we should. >> some may see it as a smart political move and it may turn out to be but t
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
. right now flights to and from new york delayed by up to an hour. airports gearing up for what's supposed to be a very busy travel weekend. >>> here in the bay area, we are sort of relishing in this nice break from the rain. >> don't get used to it. >>> we do a store on "eye on the bay" with olivia decker on a house that was listed for $62 million in belvidere. i said why not 63? >> we'll take it! >> let head out. we have a few high clouds floating in over the bay area. aside from that it was a gorgeous day for the bay. high surf advisories posted for the bay area. we have surf that will be up to 20 field. the swell out of the northwest from 10 to 14, strong rip currents with this and it will be in effect until 10:00 saturday night. so those waves come from out of nowhere with a swell like that. showers late friday. like toward sunset in the north bay, clearing by saturday afternoon. high pressure though in the meantime is in place. that high pressure putting a lid trapping the moisture at the surface, so we could get some fog tonight. it will certainly be chilly near freezing at santa r
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
like chicago, new york, minneapolis, and because we don't know how to fix it, i'm closing your trouble ticket because i can't resolve it. >> it's outrageous that they're basically advertising a service that they're not giving to the consumer. >> reporter: attorney bill nussbaum says sprint is in violation of their contract with customers and says people like vicki should immediately file complaints with the fcc and the attorney general. he says she does have the right to sue sprint for breach of contract. but it could take time to get any results. vicki just wants out of her contract and to run the phone. >> i don't think i should have to pay for two phones that can't work on sprint's network on a known issue they can't fix. >> reporter: she says sprint won't let her out of her contract but called again late this afternoon to say they are considering compensation for her unusable data. sprint won't comment about how long they have known about the issue or how many people are affected. if you have a complaint, email us. she just wants out of the contract. >> thank you. >>> coming up, re
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
, not that much cooler in denver partly cloudy for denver, chicago and for new york city. cool tonight. 33 livermore. here in the city down to 43 degrees. san jose in the upper 30s. wet on friday. the weekend looks unsettled. we'll see. and then in the early part of next week there's not a model that agrees on what's going to happen. we'll broad brush it as partly cloudy. how much meteor showers have you seen in the course of a lifetime? >> maybe one. >> have you gone out? we have a great opportunity coming up tomorrow night and we are going to talk about at 6:00. >> the only reason i was laughing? i don't have to remember my name. >> that's a good reason. >> now i'm a dead man. >> thank you. >>> i'm ken bastida at san francisco's caltrain station. you can catch it right outside and it may be the cheapest way to get to l.a. without hitch-hiking. we'll have it coming up. had. >>> today the federal reserve told us when it will raise interest rates. it's doing something it's never done before and we'll have the story tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,, [ crickets chirping ] [ traf
Dec 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
, is in the southwestern part of the state. it's roughly 80 miles northeast of new york city. the population is about 27,500 people and encompasses will 60 square miles about the same size as carmel-by-the-sea here in california. there are four elementary schools in newtown. sandy hook where the shootings took place is a kindergarten through fourth grade school. >>> now, the children described terror as they told their parents about how they cowered in the classrooms. while their teachers locked doors and ordered them to hide. here's how some of those students and their parents explained what happened today. >> somebody yelled, get to a safe place. >> teacher pulled me into her classroom. >> reporter: inside sandy hook elementary school, children were caught in the chaos. >> teacher said had to close the blinds and had to close the blinds and had to shut off the lights and [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: outside, the first family members on the scene witnessed a horrific site. >> three children that came out, one of them was -- had a very bloody face, it was a very violent scene. they were in the arms of
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10